The Art of Creating a Plaque

Presented are just a few plaque ideas. Many elements go into customizing a plaque to make it the perfect representation of your thoughts to your deserving recipient. Photos, badges, computer wafers and chips, keys to the city, judge's gavels, medals...we have even added stuffed animals, squeaky toys and whisk brooms to plaques! Plaques are available in many sizes; they can be solid wood of various types, wood products adding color, glass, acrylic, wall mounted or made for the desk top. Your text can be engraved on a wide variety of products from traditional brass, to modern laser engraved aluminum products of various colors and textures, or sublimated to add color logos, graphics and text. A perfect plaque can be created to fit whatever your needs or budget might be. Please visit us at Awards to the Wise and let us help you put your ideas on to the perfect plaque, or email us your text and ideas and receive a proof in return.

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